small numbers in SAF files

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small numbers in SAF files

Postby alecomunian » Fri Dec 20, 2019 2:23 pm

I have a problem in reading small numbers in SAF file.
For example, if the numbers are of the order of magnitude of 1e-4, like for example:
0.00046977 0.00091568 0.00062089

data are read in geopsy as NaN.

The same happens when there numbers are represented with an exponential notation, like:
4.697700e-04 9.156800e-04 6.208900e-04

(therefore, it should not be a problem related to the number of significant figures).

However, if I "amplify" them manually (for example, by multipying by 10000), then data are read OK in geopsy.

This is quite strange, since older versions of geopsy were able to properly read the same files.
Also, the same file exported (from the software coming with the sensor) as DAT (SEG-Y) works. Therefore, It might be something related to the SAF reader.
Do you have any suggestion? Thank you in advance.

I am using Geopsy 3.2.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 with Qt5.11.3.

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