Importance sampling

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Importance sampling

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Hi Marc,

I already asked a similar question before, but maybe in the wrong context. I couldn't find any documentation on the importance sampling neither on the web nor in your thesis. The way I used the importance sampling was by adding a new run, setting RunType to 'Importance sampling' and then start it as a joint run with the previous 'Optimization' run. Then I assumed that the models created from this run sample the approximate PPD of the previous run, as described in Sambridge1999b. Thus I should be able to calculate bayesian Integrals from the ensemble parameters of the 'Importance sampling' run. Are these assumptions right?


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Hi Yannik,

The importance sampling option in graphical user interface is now removed. At that time it was rather experimental. Now, you'd better use one of the latest release (>=2.1.0, will be available soon) and only through command line interface: ... e_sampling

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