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Need help getting started with GPDC in Windows with CYGWIN

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:39 am
by jmag

I am very new to anything with C or Fortran. I need to calculate theoretical dispersion curves and need some help getting this started. I would like to proceed with C.

I have downloaded the GPDC files from Geopsy. I also have CYGWIN and am using Windows. I have created a test.model text file. Can someone please give a guideline on how to proceed to access the program?

From CYGWIN window, I go to the Geopsy directory on my C:/ drive... what is next? At what point, and from where do I run the command line: 'gpdc Test.model' as indicated in the eopsy documentation?? As much detail in a response would be very much appreciated, as I am not a programmer! I am assuming I run this command line from CGYWIN, however, a message usually results that states gpdc: command not found.

Many thanks