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Postby aseman » Sat May 14, 2011 7:40 pm

Dear Dr.Wathelet
1- what is the current frequency? (in the sesame manual for h/v measurement and interpretation)
2- in spatial auto-correlation coefficient ratio computation we use of Bessel function. now I want to know how we calculate the phase velocity (c(w))?.
3-for joint inversion of h/v and dc curve, where in sesarray we can combine them? how?
4-by restricted access to FTAN module is it possible to calculate the ellipticity by sesarry?where?

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Postby admin » Tue May 31, 2011 7:01 am

  1. Can you reformulate your question in more precise way? The "current frequency" has no meaning by itself.
  2. You can use spac2disp, this is explained in the documentation. Please use search engines!
  3. During the inversion when specifying the target curves, see dinver documentation for more details.
  4. Ellipticity computation is still a difficult matter and its usage is still controversial. Current processing can extract part of the ellipticity with a high uncertainty level compared to what would be required for the inversion sensitivity. 3 component SPAC and Raydec methods are currently being implemented in Geopsy. They will form with HVTFA two other means to observe energy partition between vertical and horizontal components. These modules will be release publicly together and restricted access to HVTFA will be removed.

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