Gplivemodel - Elliptcity curve

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Gplivemodel - Elliptcity curve

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Hi Marc

I would like to use this option of gplivemodel but first i want to read about how is calculated it. I would like to know about the formulation of this option( i.e. theory and approaches used to perform wavefronts calculation (if it uses), location and propierties of sources, etc. )

Do you have some references (papers or chapters of books) to understand the calculation of a theoretical ellipticity curve using gplivemodel?

Thanks in advance.

PD: In two years geopsy will have 15 years of existence, Is there something to be done to help the mantainance of this amazing package?.

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Re: Gplivemodel - Elliptcity curve

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Even though the original message is a bit old, here is an answer.
You can find in my PhD, a small chapter about the ellipticity computation (section 3.2 on page 60), a side product of the dispersion curve computation.

The number of papers dealing with ellipticity is now increasing, a search on google scholar or research gate may help.

Geopsy 15th anniversary is now reached. A paper has been published in SRL this year for this occasion. Maintenance and documentation are still demanding efforts and help is pretty welcome. Git source repository has been available in open-access for years now but recently I improved its visibility on the download page.

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