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my question is about joint inversion of more than one targets.
In my case, I want to invert three autocorrelation curves and an ellipticity peak.
Dinver (last snapshot of May under windows) returns the following message before to crash:

The effective number of samples for dispersion curve is greater than 100 (300). This is likely to slow down the inversion process. A usual number of samples is 50. A high number of samples may be observed when various curves are inverted together (dispersion, spac,...). In this case make sure that all these curves use the same frequency samples. Resample all curves if necessary.

Working with an ellipticity peak (I mean a single value of frequency), I do not understand how and what to resample.

Giuseppe Di Giulio

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Hi Giuseppe,

the resampling messages was probably related to the autocorrelation curves.
If you have computed them independently (e.g. from different data sets)
with different frequency sampling (e.g. one data from 1 to 5 Hz with 50 samples log,
another from 1.4 to 10. Hz with 35 samples in log frequency, ....), then
the forward problem has to be solved for any frequency that appears in your target.
Using the same sampling for all AC curves (by using the resample option in the action button)
this can be avoided and saves effectively a lot of computation time.

I assume that the crash was not related to this sampling issue - maybe you got already
another answer from Marc about it and better results with a newer version?


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Hi all,

Does Matthias' comments helped you? Do you still encounter the same crash with the latest release?



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