dinverext usage

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dinverext usage

Postby agostiny » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:14 pm

Dear Marc

I would like to use the dinver with an external forward computation script, but I am having some troubles.
The script is inv.bash to be run as: ./inv.bash parameters misfit where
parameter is an automatically generated file from dinver following the requirements from parameters panel and misfit is the file used to store misfit value (real).
The problem arises when I click on run followed by add (run). The graphical interface will then stick. When I check the directory from where the script is executed, I see that the file parameters has been generated but contains a zero value vector
I attachment a screenshot of the parameter panel as well as the log.
The question is then am I using the tool properly? or why am I getting a single column file with zeros? or why should the GUI stick?
I would be happy if you could help me solve this issue.

With regards
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Re: dinverext usage

Postby admin » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:38 am

Strange... I've just checked here.

Working directory: /tmp
External command: ./inv.bash

Code: Select all

cat /tmp/inv.bash

cat parameters | awk 'BEGIN{m=0}{m+=$1^2}END{print sqrt(m)}' > misfit


Code: Select all

parameter("v0","m/s",100,1000, 0.05, "log");
parameter("v1","m/s",500,1500, 50, "linear");


Code: Select all

---------------------- List of parameters and conditions

 Parameterization checksum            = 345832
 Dimension of parameter space         = 2

 100 < v0 < 1000 m/s(500 bins)
        v0 < v1
 500 < v1 < 1500 m/s(500 bins)
        v0 < v1

---------------------- Starting at 2012-09-27 08:42:49

 Max number of iterations             = 50
 Num samples 1st iteration            = 50
 Num samples per iteration            = 50
 Num cells to resample                = 50
 Num of walks before accepting model  = 2
 Max reject ratio before cell give up = 0.9
 Random seed                          = 790674301

 Dimension of parameter space         = 2
 Parameterization checksum            = 0
 Total number of models               = 2550
 Model file                           = /home/wathelem/.dinvertemp/3597/run_01.report

Adding models to a new inversion report...
Initialization of parameter space...
   The current model is probably not yet inside the parameter space.
   Some warnings here can be ignored.
   Random model generated from scratch: perfomed 1 random walk(s)
Starting 50 iterations...
iteration 1
iteration 2
iteration 3
iteration 4
iteration 5
iteration 6
iteration 7
iteration 8
iteration 9
iteration 10
iteration 11
iteration 12
iteration 13
iteration 14
iteration 15
iteration 16
iteration 17
iteration 18
iteration 19
iteration 20
iteration 21
iteration 22
iteration 23
iteration 24
iteration 25
iteration 26
iteration 27
iteration 28
iteration 29
iteration 30
iteration 31
iteration 32
iteration 33
iteration 34
iteration 35
iteration 36
iteration 37
iteration 38
iteration 39
iteration 40
iteration 41
iteration 42
iteration 43
iteration 44
iteration 45
iteration 46
iteration 47
iteration 48
iteration 49
iteration 50
Finished 50 iterations

Timing report

Waiting for forward threads: 0 ms
Adding new models: 139 ms
Iteration init&cleanup: 26 ms
Foward computations[thread 1]:
  Waiting: 0 ms
  Generating models: 1366 ms
  Misfit computation: 7514 ms
Total: 9116 ms

In your snapshots, I could not see the "Starting at ..." section. Does it start really? Can you copy the complete log in your post (rather than snapshot)?

Is your script with the 'x' permission? If not, you should receive an error message after adding a new inversion run:

Code: Select all

Error creating a new inversion thread.

./inv.bash failed to start. Either ./inv.bash is missing, or you may have insufficient permissions to invoke it.
Error setting target, see above messages

Did you manage to get a new run created in the run table? I cannot see any in your snapshot.


Re: dinverext usage

Postby agostiny » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:17 pm

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the detailed example.
I followed it after which I went back to my script and realised I had to wait a bit more for a run to be created in the table.

Now all is fine

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