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Hi Marc,

I saw the new feature "swim" in the last snapshot that I downloaded (src-2.1.0-snapshot-20100616). It sounds quite interesting but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Does it work already and if so, what kind of input does it require?


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Still under "thinking". Development is not started yet. The first idea of swim came from a meeting at the end of year 2008 in Zurich. At that time, we were thinking of some sort of "good" strategies for inversion based on the results of gpdeths. Things are evolving and I would favor something based on gpdcsplit which increases the number of layers based on the best models from previous inversions. gpdcsplit is still not completely written and not even tested. But I'm confident, it will be released soon or later if the approach proves to be reliable. swim will follow as a user-friendly GUI packaging of the strategy supported by gpdcsplit.

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