Seismic refraction

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Seismic refraction

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I want to perform a refraction analysis on some data I have collected but can’t work out how do this using Geopsy. I have already performed MASW analysis using geopsy/dinver but need to use refraction to verify my results.

Is anyone experienced in using Geopsy to interpret refraction experiment results? If so I would be most grateful for a few tips on how to do this, i.e. picking arrival times, exporting to dinver etc.

I have tried to use the ‘refraction with NA’ button but with no luck (one of the help pages says that it is obsolete). I have also installed all software packages in an attempt to run gprefra, but can’t even get it to open/run on my Windows machine.

I have checked the tutorial page but it is no help either: ... refra.html



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